Our customers are employed in a wide range of frontline, industrial and office-based roles.

Our chefs develop a range of offers to meet these varied requirements, leaving customers feeling satisfied, energised and motivated.

Whatever the environment, food is paramount. It refreshes people and prepares them for the work they are about to do, as well as bringing colleagues together as a community. 


Our customers have access to a variety of contemporary and traditional dishes developed by our chefs based on consumer insight and market trends.

Our Global Kitchen concepts deliver a world of flavours, including Mexican Fiesta, Taste of India, Sagra Italia and Ministry of Burgers.

Our chefs use fresh ingredients to create dishes that are colourful, appealing and full of flavour. Healthy, sustainable plant-forward options are integrated into main menus to cater for a variety of tastes.

Providing a restaurant dining experience is important to us and we partner with Churchill crockery to ensure the very best presentation.


Our hospitality capability is wide-ranging, from working lunches through to fine dining, and we regularly cater for high profile functions with VIP guests.

When it comes to delivering events, we enjoy a challenge! Whether we’re hosting a special event for a small group of diners or preparing drinks, canapes and a three-course meal for hundreds in an outdoor location, our teams rise to the occasion.

We work collaboratively to create bespoke menus and our teams support in the planning and delivery of every aspect of the day.


Our chefs are supported by a talented and experienced team, including our culinary director, executive chef and registered nutritionists. 

We’re committed to nurturing the talent within our business and offer a range of apprenticeships at all levels to develop our people.

Our teams are encouraged to develop and improve via mentoring initiatives and competitions which improve their skills and confidence in the kitchen. Regular events include culinary training workshops, Compass Chef of the Year and HRC Salon Culinaire, as well as industry awards.


We’re passionate about enhancing the wellbeing of our customers. Our registered nutritionists work with our chefs to design a healthy, enticing food offer.

Healthier dishes are integrated into main menus to nudge customers towards these choices. They include extensive plant-forward options and healthier desserts using fruit, and sometimes vegetables too!

We provide wellbeing guidance and resources to support customer decision making, including regular workshops, client events and information via webinars and our Wellness Magazine.