30,000 Worms Enlist at RSME Brompton

23 October 2020

On Fri 23 Oct ESS took delivery of something totally unique to Brompton Barracks, and possibly the first on any UK military site…   a wormery!

This wormery, approx. 8ft x 3ft x 3ft was delivered to the rear of the combined mess by a company called ‘Worms at Work’.  The wormery is part of the ESS strategy to reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable with the way they manage their services provided on site.

Luke Kemp, ESS General Manager for Chatham Station has been the driving force behind this green approach, working with his partners in Holdfast and the Authority to make these changes come to reality.

The worms will be able to process food waste from the combined mess, reducing the need to fill bins, saving time which refuse lorries are on site and ultimately reducing our landfill and carbon footprint. With the worms consuming as much as 50% of their body weight in food a day, (multiply that by 30,000 worms!) that is a considerable amount of food waste, which will be turned into nutrient enriched compost. Compost which will be perfect to use on the next ESS project, the garden/allotment area which will be created in the Moat running behind HQ RSME.