At ESS, we believe that great food goes hand in hand with great memories. Whatever sector you work in, a memorable dining experience is important.

We chat, socialise and relax over food. It helps us function and gives us the ability to perform. It provides a sense of home.

ESS Chef Glynn loads rice, peas and sweetcorn into a cardboard container


We feed tens of thousands of people who are working in demanding roles, often in challenging environments, every day. Over the years, we’ve learned what our clients and customers need.

Great tasting food is key, so our chefs put time and effort into creating delicious dishes. Our food is prepared fresh every day using the best ingredients. From workplace restaurants, cafés and bars to business lunches and hospitality events, the quality of our foodservice stands out.

We know that the environments we create matter too. Our restaurants are designed to be destination spaces where customers can relax and socialise, and our people are always on hand to provide a warm welcome.


We offer a variety of food concepts developed based on consumer insight and market trends.

These include global cuisines, traditional favourites, plant-forward options, lighter choices and extensive grab and go ranges.  

Dishes are freshly cooked, full of flavour and presented on specially selected display ware and crockery.

Our menus cater to all tastes and dietary needs – from customers who live with allergies, food intolerances and sensitivities, as well as cultural and religious considerations, to a wide variety of voluntary diets.

We know about food, so leave it in our hands.

An ESS meal sitting against a black background.  A gratin sits in a cast iron black pot with some garlic bread on the side


We help to motivate customers who are working outdoors by providing a meal they will look forward to.

Our teams cater for a wide range of remote feeding requirements, including packed meals for military personnel in training, planned and reactive feeding for emergency services attending events or incidents and daily catering for construction workers.

Historically, these customers have been used to a cold packed meal, but our innovative approaches are raising the bar. Investment in mobile facilities and remote kitchens, and the development of a range of container meals, enables hot food to be delivered as standard in these environments. 


We are focused on delivering environmental and economic benefits through sourcing.

We buy British-first across all fresh categories, and we’ve banned air-freighted fresh fruit and vegetables.

Within ESS, we currently source 64-68% of products from the UK, meaning we buy directly from UK growers and producers, and don’t simply use a UK distributor.

In Wales and Scotland, we’ve developed local sourcing frameworks, partnering with local suppliers, supporting the regional economies and bringing some fabulous products to the forefront.


A selection of logos for Welsh suppliers that supply ESS's Welsh government contract


The requirements are complex, but we are experienced in delivering them. 

We have robust processes in place to ensure supply chain integrity from farm to fork. We commit to supplier partnerships based on quality, compliance and trust, and work with reputable organisations to confirm the origin of products.

Our chefs work with our registered nutritionists to design appetising, tasty, nutritious recipes that entice customers to dine with us and support their wellbeing.

We consider sustainability throughout our sourcing, menu development and delivery.

The standards are an integral part of our FM services too, underpinning our procurement decisions and operating procedures.


Our chefs are passionate about food. Whether they’re preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner from the daily menu or high-end hospitality for a function, their commitment to quality is second to none.

They are regularly recognised with industry awards and accolades, including Craft Guild of Chefs Public Sector Chef for culinary director Scott Freeman, Contract Catering Magazine Executive Chef for executive chef Tony Murphy, and Gold for Individual Culinary Arts at the IKA / Culinary Olympics for group executive chef Nicola Harper-Bennett.  

Training and development are key for our culinarians and we have people completing training courses at all levels, from entry level apprenticeships to the coveted Compass Group UK & Ireland ‘Forward with Marcus Wareing’ programme for senior chefs.


We have a dedicated nutrition and wellbeing team to ensure the health and wellness of our customers remains at the heart of what we do.

Our registered nutritionists work with our chefs to design healthy, enticing dishes which are integrated into our main menus to nudge customers towards them. These include extensive plant-forward options and healthier desserts using fruit, and sometimes vegetables too!

We provide wellbeing guidance and resources to support customer decision making, including regular workshops, client events and information via webinars and our Wellness Magazine.