A modern approach built on our heritage

For over 40 years, we’ve created delicious, vibrant and nourishing meals in challenging environments to feed thousands of workers who are away from family and friends.

We understand the vital role that mealtimes play in supporting the health and wellbeing of our customers and we believe that our meals should be a highlight in every working day.  

Each environment we work in is different and our culinary team thrives on creating outstanding dishes that are specially tailored to the individual needs of our customers. 

Our menus are inspired by wonderful local produce, incorporating global themes and the latest food trends. They are skillfully prepared and presented by our chefs for maximum flavour and visual impact. For us, every mealtime is an event to be savoured.

Two pieces of mackerel sit on a blue speckled plate, next to a salad of lettuce, tomato and radish


We’re passionate ambassadors of the very best produce from the regions we operate in and proactively seek outstanding local producers and suppliers who share the environmental, social and governance values that underpin everything we do. It makes our food taste extra special, makes our customers proud of their region and has a big environmental and social impact too.

Case Study: Aberdeen & The Northeast

As one of the best local larders in the world, we source the finest produce from Aberdeen and the Northeast, working closely with selected suppliers including Amity Fish Co who supply us with MSC accredited haddock and cod, Rora Dairies, the only organic farm in Scotland, and Mackintosh of Glendaveny with their range of rapeseed oils.

Going one step further, we’ve recently invested in The Artisan Grower, a ‘veganic’ farm in rural Grampian that will supply a range of heritage crops to all our locations.   


Our culinary team is led by our multi-award-winning Culinary Director, Graham Singer. Graham and his team deliver product and recipe innovation, with a focus on enhancing health and sustainability aligned to our Net Zero 2030 commitment.

Recent examples include plant forward burgers and sausages developed with Grants of Speyside, with c.50% plant based ingredients; Bang Bang Cauliflower Poke, a plant-forward dish using ingredients often wasted, including cauliflower hearts and mushrooms; and dishes using micro-cresses grown in hydroponic units on location without pesticides, using 95% less water and eliminating deliveries/packaging.

Colourful, healthy and vibrant, our concepts include the latest street food style offers, modern twists on traditional favourites, global flavours, Nutritionist’s Choice and exclusive recipes created in partnership with our local suppliers. 

An ESS chef talks to a farmer inside a grow tunnel


The health and wellbeing of our customers and colleagues is paramount. Our wellness team are the custodians of our wellbeing strategy, educating, coaching and innovating across our business and supporting our teams and customers across every location. 

  • All our daily menus include a Nutritionist’s Choice
  • We incorporate tasty, attractive plant-forward dishes into main menus helping customers reduce meat and saturated fat and increase fibre, as well as decreasing their carbon footprint.


Each year we launch a programme that provides our teams with topical nutritional, health and wellbeing materials embracing seasonal themes and including key calendar dates. Our nutritionists are actively involved at site level too, providing an ‘Ask Your Nutritionist’ service, health MOTs and resources packed full of tips, recipes and advice to support optimum wellbeing.

A close up shot of sushi bowls in bamboo steamers


Inspiring our teams to deliver outstanding food and service for our customers goes further than ensuring they have the best produce to work with.

We invest in training and development for our chefs and currently have 18 colleagues completing foodservice apprenticeships. Our chefs regularly enter competitions to improve their skills and confidence, including Compass Chef of the Year, the Culinary Olympics and HRC Salon Culinaire.

We regularly engage with our customers with a full range of marketing materials and tools including digital apps, loyalty schemes and promotions to drive participation and to make sure we are delivering an outstanding food service every day.

From a daily four meal menu cycle offshore to innovative hospitality, fine dining and street food, each meal we prepare is done with creativity and passion for food and creating memorable customer experiences.  

ESS chef Izabella Ginter holds up her award for Young Chef of the Year 2020