Government Services Catering

We feed our Government Services customers in diverse locations, from workplace restaurants and meeting rooms to emergency incidents and large outdoor events.

Whatever the environment, food is paramount. It refreshes people and prepares them for the work they are about to do, as well as bringing colleagues together as a community.  

Whether they’re prepared in a permanent kitchen or in the field, our food offers reflect the importance of the dining experience so that our customers leave feeling satisfied and motivated.

Our teams are proud to support key workers across the UK.

A shot of crumble in a blue bowl. Custard is being poured on top from a blue jug


Our chefs are supported by a talented and experienced team, including our culinary director, executive chef and registered nutritionists.  

We’re committed to nurturing the talent within our business and offer a range of apprenticeships at all levels to develop our people.

Our teams are encouraged to develop and improve their skills via mentoring initiatives and competitions which improve their skills and confidence in the kitchen. Regular events include culinary training workshops, Compass Group Chef of the Year and HRC Salon Culinaire, with last year’s Compass Apprentice Chef of the Year coming from our Sussex Police contract. 

An ESS government services catering chef holds up an award for Apprentice Chef of the Year


We provide contemporary social spaces where people can meet to relax and socialise. Our restaurants are designed for use throughout the day, whether customers want to enjoy a meal, take a short break from their desk or meet informally with colleagues.

For those wanting more flexibility, the ESS App enables click and collect and delivery across sites. We can support smaller locations too, with self-service and micro-market options available.

Our hospitality offer incorporates refreshments for meetings and working lunches through to bespoke fine dining events. Our teams support in the planning and delivery of every aspect of the occasion.


Our customers have access to a variety of contemporary and traditional retail meal concepts developed by our chefs based on consumer insight and market trends.

Our Global Kitchen concepts deliver a world of flavours to our customers, including Moroccan Bazaar, China Dragon, All American Diner and Batter Sea Fish & Chips.

Our chefs use fresh ingredients to create dishes that are colourful, appealing and full of flavour. Healthy, sustainable plant-forward options are integrated into main menus to cater for a variety of tastes.

We partner with Churchill crockery to give our customers a restaurant dining experience, and we work with brands including Costa, Starbucks and Costcutter to bring the high street into the workplace.

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Our foodservice capability extends beyond the restaurant, and we feed customers in a variety of operational settings.

This includes supporting police officers with 24/7 catering at high profile and VIP events such as Royal Ascot and providing welfare services to construction workers at multiple sites for a secure, high risk construction project. We also provide meals tailored for roles with specific requirements such as police officers out on bikes requiring calorie dense options.

Our chefs prepare a selection of hot and cold dishes through bespoke field kitchens and mobile food vans with dedicated compound restaurants. 

An exterior shot of a food truck to illustrate ESS's remote feeding services


We regularly respond to short notice requests for catering in support of the emergency services following call outs to incidents.

A variety of foods are served in different formats to suit the requirement, including meal bags and hot container meals on the go to cover all day parts. Our customers are often working in difficult circumstances, and we have developed our offer to energise and refresh them during these periods.

Our chefs deliver rapid response feeding mobile food vans, pop up kitchens and temporary dining and welfare areas.


We are committed to enhancing the wellbeing of our customers. Our three registered nutritionists work with our chefs to design a healthy, enticing food offer.

Healthier dishes are integrated into main menus to nudge customers towards these choices. They include our Nutritionist’s Choice as well as extensive plant-forward options and healthier desserts using fruit and, sometimes, vegetables too! 

We provide wellbeing guidance and resources to support customer decision making, including regular workshops, client events and information via newsletters, webinars and social media.

An aerial shot of salmon, brown rice and salad on a blue plate