ESS Works With Drop4Drop to Fund Clean Water Projects in India and Mozambique

23 November 2022

ESS has continued to work with Drop4Drop this year to fund clean water projects through sales of Life Water. Since 2014, each bottle of Life Water sold across ESS, and the wider Compass business, has funded the installation of wells and infrastructure for communities in need in India and Africa.

In the past year, ESS has funded three projects:

  • In Vengal SC Village, Tamil Nadu, India, Drop4Drop installed a deep borewell with an electrical motor and a 2000 litre overhead tank to supply clean water to the population of 1,679.
  • In Kuzuana A-Cafumpe, Gondola, Mozambique, Drop4Drop undertook a well restoration to provide 998 people with access to clean water.
  • In Nyangdit Market Village, Warrap State, South Sudan, Drop4Drop delivered a clean water project to benefit the local community of 600 people.

There are a further three under construction in Mozambique.

Every project completed provides a sustainable source of clean water to a community that has never had this privilege before. Drop4Drop also commits to employing local labourers and heavily involving the community through maintenance training and hygiene education, meaning the benefits are long-term and far-reaching.

To date, ESS has supported projects in 19 communities, benefitting 27,260 people.

Compass Group UK & Ireland and Foodbuy UK & Ireland recently surpassed an incredible 300 completed projects through the relationship with Drop4Drop. It is estimated that over 322,000 people now have access to clean drinking water thanks to the partnership.