ESS Achieves ISO 44001 Certification

01 October 2020

ESS successfully achieved ISO 44001 certification through the British Standards Institution (BSI) in July 2020. This required us to demonstrate our corporate approach to collaborative business relationships and how it operates in our current contracts.

We have subsequently joined the Institute for Collaborative Working, further underlining the strength of our commitment to driving contract performance through positive engagement.

Working closely with our clients, customers and suppliers is nothing new to us in ESS; we have long understood that the best way to maintain first class services and deliver continuous improvement is through regular, open communication with all stakeholders. However, the past two years has seen a step change in our approach.

During this time, we have established our Collaborative Business Relationship Management System to ensure a comprehensive and consistent approach to collaboration across our business. Formalising our ways of working is delivering numerous benefits, including:

  • Clear and committed ownership and leadership
  • Development and delivery of joint objectives with clients
  • Integrated planning between stakeholder organisations
  • Openness and honesty around areas for improvement
  • Effective capturing of best practice and innovation to drive performance
  • Acknowledgment and celebration of success.

The collaborative processes, procedures and behaviours within our ISO 44001 certified Collaborative Business Relationship Management System are now a key part of business as usual across all levels of our organisation.